What is Brewed?

With brewed.com and our mobile apps you can search for your favorite beer. Already have an app for that? I'm sure you do. The problem is those "other" apps find the beer you're searching for at locations where someone else finished the keg 2 days ago. Do you really want someone else's empty pint? Of course NOT! You want to know the venue you are meeting your friends at has your favorites on tap today.

Can our app really do that? YES. What's the catch? There is one catch: Our app is still in development. Our first version of the app will be released very soon. This will be a very simple version that will allow you to search for your favorite beer fests and tastings or find new ones. That way you can find even more beers or styles you really like, and find them nearby when version two is rolled out. We are confident you'll love our app when it's rolled out and hope you'll check out our facebook, twitter, and google+ pages so we can give you updates of our progress.